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What are the building standards for Glass in Australia?

Glass One is proud to follow the Safety Standards for Glass as set out by Standards Australia. These standards for glass determine the use and installation of glazing throughout Australia and also clarify all the relevant technical details required for Glaziers to comply with these guidelines. The objective of this standard is to provide a uniform and safe direction for the use and installation of glazing throughout Australia.

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AS 1288-2006 Glass in Buildings

Glass selection and installation

This Australian standard sets out procedures for the selection and installation of glass in residential and commercial Buildings. This Standard strongly recommends that builders, architects, building designers and building surveyors ensure not only compliance but provide evidence in the Marking of glass to ensure mandatory compliance.

The selection process includes variables such as

  • Glass thickness requirements
  • Glass Size requirements
  • Wind Loading
  • Human Impact safety requirements
  • Special Applications like overhead glazing, balustrades and glass assemblies.

Glass strength requirements are also used in glazing which is based on the tensile stress of a glass surface.

According to the Australian / New Zealand Standards AS/NZS 1288:2006, the human safety requirements cover the impact of materials for use in:

  • Doors and Side panels
  • Low-level glazing
  • Bathrooms, Ensuites and Spa Rooms
  • Schools, Childcare Centres and Retirement homes
  • Balustrades

You can find more information on the AS 1288-2006 Glass standard here: standards.org.au

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AS 2208-1996 - Safety glazing materials in buildings

Australian Standard for manufacturing Glass which sets test requirements for the classification of safety glazing materials for use in buildings and provides performance standards for materials, construction, installation and glazing for windows, sliding doors, adjustable glass louvres, shopfronts and window walls with one-piece framing elements.

AS 2208-1996 safety standard covers testing of material, density, and exposure including:

  • Drop Height
  • Heat Strengthened Glass
  • Heat Strengthened laminated safety Glass
  • Laminated Safety Glass
  • Liquid Laminated Safety Glass
  • Safety glazing materials
  • Safety Plastic glazing material
  • Wired Glass
  • Toughened Glass

Types of glass covered by this Standard

  • Toughened Glass & Heat Strengthened
  • Laminated Glass
  • Toughened Laminated Glass
  • Patterned Glass

For more information on the AS 2202-1996 standard: https://www.standards.org.au/standards-catalogue/sa-snz/manufacturing/bd-007/as-slash-nzs--2208-1996

What is Standards Australia?

Standards Australia is the country’s leading independent, non-governmental, not-for-profit standards organisation. Standards Australia is also representative of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC).

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