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What causes glass shower screens to explode?

Did you know your shower screen can explode?

Imagine this… You are having your morning cuppa and you hear a deafening boom. You panic and try to find the reason for that noise only to find out the shower screen has shattered as if someone took a sledgehammer and hit the glass.

Glass shower doors can shatter suddenly. It might not happen to you but it is completely possible. It can happen while you are taking a shower or when you are elsewhere.

A lot of residents have reported exploding shower doors and they follow a similar pattern: Shower doors exploded suddenly out of nowhere. There were no cracks and the door was attached firmly to the tracks.

Please Note - Glass One does not work with shower screens or offer repairs & replacements.

What causes a shower screen to explode?

According to glass expert Mark Meshulam, toughened glass has a huge amount of energy stored within it and all of that energy is trying to get out. During the manufacturing of toughened glass microscopic pebbles (called nickel sulfide inclusions) can sometimes be trapped inside the glass. As the glass and pebbles expand and contract with the heat in the bathroom the pebbles can weaken the glass causing it to explode.

Mark also stated that the glass can also shatter due to poor installation, pre-existing damage, and imperfections. It is always recommended to use a trusted and well-reviewed glazier when having glass repaired or installed to ensure it's installed correctly and is top-quality glass.

Extreme temperature changes can also cause shower glass to shatter, however, the temperature shifts between day and night are not likely to cause this phenomenon.

Unexpected glass shower screen and door breakages can also be due to drill holes on the edges of the tempered glass.

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Is tempered glass safe?


Tempered glass breaks into small pieces (instead of long shards) and is designed to cause minimum injuries. It is susceptible to pressure on the edge of the shower door or screen which can cause it to break. In case the shower screen breaks, don’t panic. Try to avoid standing on the glass, find a towel, and get out of the bathroom.

What can you do to prevent exploding shower glass?

  • Check the glass edges for damage yearly.
  • A safety film can be applied to the door to help prevent damage.
  • Use the shower door gently and avoid slamming it.
  • Make sure the glass is not chipped or cracked and carry out repairs promptly if issues are found.

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If your shower door has exploded or you can see cracks in the glass, Glass One can help. We use reliable glass brands that comply with Australian standards. If you have had a glass shower screen, pool fence or divider explode, speak to our staff today at 0436 452 771 or alternatively, you can fill in our online booking form. One of our friendly staff will be in contact with you in regard to your query.

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