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Is Broken Glass Covered by Insurance?

All You Need To Know About Glass Insurance

Properties located in busy areas like popular nightlife destinations or are exposed to the street can be at risk from vandalism, damage, or crime. Vandalism or property-related crime can leave you with broken glass everywhere which can affect your business' operations and your peace of mind. That's where glass insurance comes in handy. Glass insurance can be used to safeguard your residential or commercial property from internal or external glass breakage. Even homeowners can face accidental glass damage which makes glass insurance very useful. A good insurance cover and a trusted glazier can help you get your glass repaired in emergency situations quickly, providing you with worry free repairs.

Commercial Plate Glass Insurance

Plate Glass Insurance, also called the Shop Front Insurance, covers damage or breakage of large glass panes or shop windows and signage. You may be required to take shop front insurance under your commercial lease agreement. A business insurance usually includes public liability insurance, product liability insurance, content, general property and shopfront glass.

Residential Glass Insurance

If your window, glass door, or shower glass breaks accidentally, the glass replacement costs might be covered under your Home and Contents Insurance Policy. For more information on the inclusions in your policy, check your PDS statement or speak to your insurer.

What is covered in Glass Insurance?

  • Glass breakage
  • Damage to stock or contents
  • Cost to repair or replace the glass with similar quality
  • Internal and external glass
  • Illuminated signs
  • Features like skylights, ornamentations, mirrors, and glass doors
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What is NOT covered?

Glass repairs or replacement for:

  • Stock glass
  • Glass in poor condition when the cover commences
  • Glass which is a part of greenhouse, computer screen, vase, TV screen, radio, conservatory
  • Glass damaged in transit

Should you make a glass insurance claim?

Before you file your claim, analyse the damage and how the claim will affect your future premiums. You may have to pay an excess amount between $100 - $500 dollars or more depending on your policy. Some insurance policies also have an excess-free glass cover so you won't have to pay an excess when you make a claim for fixed glass in your home.

What to consider for your Glass Insurance Policy?

  • Does your home insurance cover the cost of replacing internal or external glass?
  • Are you in a neighbourhood prone to vandalism or theft?
  • Do you have a commercial lease agreement and does your lease agreement require you to take glass insurance?

Choose an insurance policy well-suited for your needs. For residential customers, a home insurance policy may include cover for glass damage. And for businesses, some business insurance can cover internal or external glass breakage. Make sure you read the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) carefully. Having a good glass insurance policy is great. But you also need qualified and licensed glaziers to take care of your glass replacement needs.

Glass One for Insurance Repairs

Glass One provides glass replacement services for homes and businesses. Whether you need replacement for shower screen, window, door or shopfront, our glaziers are experts in the field. We provide high-quality glass available in a range of options. Our glaziers can provide emergency glass replacement services and arrive at your premises promptly with a range of glass options. For all your broken glass replacement needs, contact Glass One today on 0436 452 771 or complete our online enquiry form.


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