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How to get stickers off glass

Stickers are great - they can be for a cause for fun or just because - but if they manage to make their way onto your glass windows or doors, they can be a downright pain.

We have collated 7 common ways that you can get stickers off glass and, for all your glass needs, give Glass One a call on 0436 452 771 today!

Option 1: Hot Soapy Water

The easiest option is getting a bucket of hot, soapy water and scrubbing at the pesky sticker you'd like to be removed. If you are finding that it is difficult to remove, try prying to up with a dull knife but be careful - if your knife is too sharp, it may scratch.

Option 2: Heat

The second option is to use heat (gently) on your glass surface to get a sticker off. Use a hair dryer on the highest setting it has and direct the hot air on the sticker, as this should melt the adhesive. After 1-2 minutes, peel the sticker off (be careful, the surface will be hot). If you are finding that your fingers can't get the sticker off, use a dull knife.

Option 3: Rubbing Alcohol

An easy option to remove a sticker is to put rubbing alcohol on a cloth, paper towel or cotton ball and rub on the sticker. It may require you to rub the area a few times, however the sticker should come off relatively quickly. Remember however that rubbing alcohol is flammable, so keep away from an open flame and always ensure the area you are in is well ventilated.

Option 4: WD-40

This one if pretty self explanatory - use WD-40! Always wear gloves and keep away from fabrics, as well as the glass surface that the sticker is located on. To avoid WD-40 coming into contact with the glass surface, it is suggested that you spray it on a cloth first, instead of on the sticker directly. If you are finding that the sticker is a little tricky to get off, use a dull knife. 

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Option 5: Essential Oils

There are two essential oils that work in removing stickers on glass - eucalyptus oil and orange oil. Add a few drops of oil onto a cloth and rub at the sticker - this should remove both the sticker and its adhesive (but it may take a little scrubbing).

Option 6: Adhesive Removal Swabs

This may seem a little strange, but using medical adhesive removal swabs are a great option for stubborn stickers. Find them in the dressings section of your local chemist!

Option 7: Razor Blade

Last, but certainly not least, use a razor blade (carefully) to remove a sticker but, beware, this can scratch any tinting you may have on your windows or doors.

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