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  • How is glass made?

    The process of making glass Glass was discovered many years ago and is still used to this day all around us in things such as, wind...

  • How is glass recycled?

    Glass recycling in Australia Glass can be used for so many things, whether it’s to build the windows of a home or beer bottles for ...

  • How to get stickers off glass

    Stickers are great - they can be for a cause for fun or just because - but if they manage to make their way onto your


  • What are the building standards for Glass in Australia?

    GlassOne is proud to follow the Safety Standards for Glass as set out by Standards Australia. These standard for glass determine the use and installation ...

  • What is a Glazier Qualification?

    In Queensland, The Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) grants licensed glaziers a scope of work licence created specifically to recognise the skil...

  • What is Plate Glass?

    Plate glass is a type of glass used for commercial and residential purposes. It is a single pane, large sheet of flat glass with uniform thickness. Flat g...