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  • How do you fix a broken glass window?

    Fixing a broken glass window isn’t something we would recommend doing on your own, not only is the risk of injury far greater than other types of proper...


  • Is heat strengthened glass safety glass?

    Yes and No. In order to strengthen standard float glass and make it more durable, a number of methods are used to increase the resistance to certain forc...

  • What is Float Glass?

    Float Glass The most common form of glass today, Float Glass is a versatile and refined solution for a significant amount of consumer glass prod...

  • What is Low-E glass?

    Low-E or low emissivity glass Low-E glass is standard glass with either a pyrolytic coating or a special thin metal coating on one side which re...

  • What is Tempered Glass?

    A type of safety glass, Tempered glass goes through the same basic heat strengthening process as toughened glass albeit with a few differing production ...