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Sliding Glass Door Repairs Brisbane

Fast efficient sliding glass door repair service

Glass One offers fast and efficient sliding glass door repairs across Brisbane. Our experienced team is on hand to respond promptly to urgent glass door issues which are putting the security of your home or business at risk. We provide professional glass repairs throughout Brisbane city and suburbs as well as Ipswich and surrounds.


Professional glass door repair

Glass sliding doors and windows often get a real workout, needing to withstand constant use from your family or customers, day in and day out. Often these conditions lead to small cracks or chips in the door glass which may not seem like much of a problem but will eventually cause the whole pane to become weak and eventually break.

Repairing or replacing the door glass before it breaks allow you to get the job done at a time that suits you, rather than an emergency call out when the glass eventually fails, which often happens at the most inconvenient time.

Sliding glass doors

All styles of glass sliding doors

We service and repair a huge range of sliding doors in a variety of properties including:

  • Houses
  • Apartments - inc balcony doors
  • Shops and retail outlets - inc automatic doors
  • Industrial premises
  • Commercial properties
  • Offices
  • Multi-storey buildings
  • Strata management or body corporates
  • Wardrobe mirror doors
  • Bifold or stacking doors

Keeping your doors in good working order can reduce the likelihood of glass breakages simply by making the door easier to open and close. An uneven or damaged sliding door track or broken door rollers can make the door stiff or sticky, meaning more force is needed to operate it which can lead to breakages or the door failing altogether. Ensure you attend to these issues promptly ordering replacement rollers or track repairs as soon as possible.

Glass One can match the replacement glass with your existing glass to provide a seamless, professional finish. We can also provide door glass upgrades for dull, old or discoloured glass. We work with all types of doors including timber, stainless steel, and aluminium sliding doors.

Sliding glass doors

Old glass?

Does your door have the old style brown or amber textured glass which was popular in the 70s and 80s? Want a fresh new look? Glass One can replace the old glass with a new tough, clear pane, allowing more natural light into your home and giving the space a bright modern update.

Why use Glass One’s glaziers?

Our specialist glaziers have been providing long-lasting sliding door repairs to homes and businesses throughout Brisbane and Ipswich for years. Glass One:

  • responds promptly to every job
  • are experienced, insured, and licenced glaziers
  • offer practical solutions for even the most unusual glass repair problems
  • clear away all glass after each job ensuring your property is left safe and tidy
  • Strive to provide top quality glass and glazing at affordable prices.
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Your local glass sliding door repair specialists

For the very best in glass sliding door repairs in Brisbane and Ipswich contact Glass One at 0436 452 771 or complete our glass repair request form today.


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