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Glass One are your local mirror specialists. Whether it is cracked, missing shards or falling off the wall, Glass One is here to help. Our certified professional glaziers can repair mirrors in bathrooms, wardrobes, free-standing mirrors, or commercial mirror glass. Get in contact today to find out how our glass specialists can help you.


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Common types of mirror damage

There are different types of damage that can happen to a mirror in its lifetime that can leave you in need of replacement.

  • Mirror Desilvering: This is when the mirror starts to go black around the edges or black spots within the mirror. A common cause of mirror desilvering is due to moisture getting in behind the mirror and in between the reflective silver film.
  • Scratches: Wide scratches can appear like a smudge within the mirror making it difficult to see your reflection. A common cause of scratches is often due to improper cleaning which leads to visible scratches on the face of the mirror.
  • Cracks: A typical crack will go all the way to the silver backing of the mirror. Crack that comes to a "V" shape is very dangerous as they can shard. These shards are usually jagged and extremely sharp to touch.
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DIY or professional mirror glass replacement?

A quick Google search produces 58,800,000 "DIY mirror repair" results. Granted some of these are also how to hide a broken mirror but others claim to show you how to repair it yourself. Some even claim to show you how to re-silver a mirror yourself.

DIY mirror repair can be quite dangerous and even deadly in extreme and rare cases without having proper glazier training. It is advised if you have a damaged mirror such as a crack or a shard that you tape the cracks to avoid any (further) shards from happening. Once you have secured the cracks you should call your local glass expert.

Another reason to use a fully qualified glazier is that if anything goes wrong in the removal of your existing or the installation of your new mirror glass it is all covered under the glazier's insurance. The same cannot be said for DIY methods.

Food for thought : No internet guide will claim resposibility or liability for any damages related to you or your property from following their methods. Most will even have a disclaimer stating that it is a reference and not an exact how to.
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Great reasons to use Glass One glaziers for your mirror glass repair?

Glass One has been working with glass for over 13 years. Our expert glaziers are able to remove and install mirrors in a wide variety of applications from domestic bathrooms and sliding doors to commercial bar decor and retail changerooms.

All of our work is insured and covered by our 100% workmanship guarantee which means that if any work conducted by us isn't up to standard then it will be replaced.

  • We are registered with the Queensland Building and Construction Commission | Licence #15042346
  • All of our work complies with Australian Standards | (AS - 1288:2006) (AS - 2208:1996)
  • We service all over Brisbane and Ipswich regions

Your local Brisbane mirror glass replacement experts

Contact us today on 0436 452 771 to talk to one of our glaziers about how we can help you with your mirror repairs. If you have already made your mind up and would like to use our services you can fill in our online quote form and one of our glaziers will organise your unique quote.

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