Bathroom Mirror

Bathroom Mirror Glass Replacement Brisbane

If your bathroom mirror is cracked, damaged, or just needs a refresh, our team can help. We have years of experience in the industry and can provide a high-quality replacement mirror glass that will look great in your home or office.

Our glaziers are certified professionals who take pride in their work. We guarantee that you won’t be disappointed with the end result – our mirrors always look fantastic and add value to any space. Book a glazier today.


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Cut to Size Bathroom Mirror Glass Replacement Brisbane

The most common types of mirror damage are - mirror desilvering, scratches and cracks. At Glass one, our glaziers can replace your scratched, cracked or desilvered bathroom glass mirror. Our specialist glaziers will cut to size glass to fit into your existing frame.

We replace all styles and shapes of bathroom glass mirrors like:

  • Framed glass mirror
  • Polished edge mirror
  • Rectangle, square or round mirrors
  • One way and two-way mirrors
Bathroom Mirror

Why choose Glass One glaziers for your Mirror Glass Repair?

  • Glass One has been working with glass for over 12 years. Our expert glaziers are able to remove and replace mirrors in a wide variety of applications from domestic bathrooms and sliding doors to commercial bar decor
  • All of our work is insured and covered by our 110% workmanship guarantee which means that if any work conducted by us isn't up to standard then it will be replaced
  • We are registered with the Queensland Building and Construction Commission | Licence #15042346
  • All of our work complies with Australian Standards | (AS - 1288:2006) (AS - 2208:1996)
  • We service all over Brisbane and Ipswich regions

Your Trusted Local Brisbane Mirror Glass Replacement Experts

Contact us today on 0436 452 771 to talk to our glaziers about how we can help you with your bathroom mirror replacements. If you have already made your mind up and would like to use our services you can fill in our online quote form and one of our glaziers will organise your unique quote.

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