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Need repairs for glass office partitions in Brisbane?

Partitions are one of the easiest ways to set separate two spaces without having to install a whole new wall. A partition can be removable and transferable from office space to office space. One of the benefits of glass partitions is that they allow for natural light to flow through whilst still giving the effect of a wall by dividing the space. If you have broken glass partitions, we can remove the broken partition and replace it with new glass. Book an expert glazier today.


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Benefits of glass office partitions

Over the years we have spoken to many business owners and managers and have found that most share the same thought. By segregating teams you achieve higher efficiency in their output. This is due to minimising distractions from other teams and teammates. Some other benefits are:

  • Aesthetic Value: Having glass partitions provides an elegant corporate look and feel. Which can give the right impression to potential future clients.
  • Durable: Typical glass partitions are made to withstand general wear and tear from everyday office use. Lasting over 12 years with proper maintenance.
  • Efficient: Using glass partitions as opposed to walls also allows for natural light to flow through. This will dramatically cut down excess electricity use from lights.
  • Flexibility: Partitions are not a permanent structure like a wall. They can be moved around within the office to create different spaces within the space.
  • Improved lighting: Most offices aren’t lit correctly causing fatigue and stress. With glass partitions that dark dreariness is gone as sunlight passes through.
  • Improved productivity: If employees know they can be seen they tend to stay more focused on the task at hand as they feel more accountable.
  • Maintenance: Keeping the glass clean is easy, a simple few squirts of Windex and a wipe-over with microfibre cloths keep it looking good as new.
  • Privacy: When it comes to privacy, frosted partitions are a go-to. These add privacy whilst still allowing the natural light to flow through.
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Broken partitions

Accidents can happen anywhere and the office is no exception. If you have broken glass partitions this is a serious hazard and needs to be addressed as soon as possible. Glass One glaziers can remove your existing broken partition and replace it with new safety glass.

Types of glass partitions

There are numerous different types of glass partitions that you are able to use in your office. Clear and frosted are the most common forms of glass partitions that you will find in most offices. Tinted partitions are another option but keep in mind they do not allow the same amount of light to flow through them which can cause the office to look smaller and darker.

Cost to repair glass partition

As glass prices fluctuate like petrol, there is no flat fee that can be put on glass repair. Prices also vary due to the fact that no two jobs are ever the same and that every job requires different styles of replacement glass. The cost of replacement and repair can be calculated once the initial assessment has been made.

Why use Glass One for your glass partition repairs?

When you have a broken office glass partition you need it fixed fast! Our professional glaziers have over 13 years of experience in repairing and replacing glass office partitions using only top-quality glass. Our service is prompt, efficient, and affordable.

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