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Commercial Glazier

Qualified and experienced commercial glaziers

If you are looking for an experienced glazier that specialises in commercial glass repair then Glass One can help. With over 11 years of operation in the glazing industry, our qualified glaziers are able to help you with all your glass replacement needs.


Commercial glass replacement and repair

If you are a business owner or operator you understand that broken glass is not only a hazard but also an eyesore. Whilst duct tape over the cracks may help to keep the glass intact it is definitely not a permanent solution. Our glaziers can cut and fit your glass allowing you to get back to business.

Vandalism glass replacement

Vandals never seem to understand that someone has to fix the damage that they have left behind. If your mirrors, windows and doors have been the target of vandals never fear. Our glaziers can fit replacement glass allowing your business to get back to the way it was in no time.

Broken Glass Mirror Repairs

Professional glazing company

Glass One has been in the glazing industry for over 11 years. In this time we have helped thousands of business owners with their glass installation needs from the replacement of windows, doors, shopfront glass and balustrades to office partitions and panelling. There is nothing our glazers cannot help you with.

Glass One commercial glazing

Our glaziers are able to help you with a wide range of glass replacement needs. Speak to one of our qualified glaziers today on 0436 452 771 or by filling in our online booking form and one of our glaziers will be able to assist you with your glass query.


How is glass made?
The process of making glass Glass was discovered many years ago and is still used to this day all around us in things such as, windows, crockery, bottles and light bulbs to name a few. Glass is made by glaziers who are highly qualified tradespeople that specialise in creating glass products. ...
How is glass recycled?
Glass recycling in Australia Glass can be used for so many things, whether it’s to build the windows of a home or beer bottles for a brewery. There is a high demand for the sand based material, which poses the question, after its use or when it’s broken, what happens? Glass recycling process...
How to get stickers off glass
Stickers are great - they can be for a cause for fun or just because - but if they manage to make their way onto your glass windows or doors, they can be a downright pain. We have collated 7 common ways that you can get stickers off glass and, for all your glass needs, give Glass One a call ...

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