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Dog Door Installation & Replacement Brisbane

Secure dog doors for your furry friends

Tired of your furry friend waking you up in the middle of the night? Being huge doggo lovers we understand how annoying it can be to wake up and open the door to prevent their dirty deeds from happening inside your home!

At Glass One, we install and replace dog doors for all sizes and breeds of dogs. Our highly qualified and trained glaziers have years of experience installing dog doors in glass sliding and glass windows. Book our expert dog door services today.


Types of dog doors

Our perfect finishing and expert workmanship will ensure your door blends in with the aesthetics of your home. The dog doors are strong, durable and professionally fitted by our expert glaziers.

We install and replace dog doors of different kinds like:

  • Dog doors for all breeds and size of dogs (small, medium and large)
  • Dog flaps
  • Electronic dog doors - Magnetic, RFID, Microchip and Infrared
  • Customised dog doors
  • Glass door mounted dog doors
  • Dog door inserts for sliding glass doors
  • Adjustable height for dog doors

Customised Dog Door Installation Services Brisbane

Looking for affordable and reliable dog door installation service? We understand the concerns you might have when it comes to the well-being of your four-legged friends which is why our sole focus is on providing dog doors that are comfortable and safe for your pet to use.

All our products are of high-quality and we use toughened glass to comply with the Australian Safety Standard AS 1288. We offer customised installation services for dog doors including:

  • Measuring the height, age and weight of your dog.
  • Installing the door at a suitable height for your dog’s convenience.
  • Optional lock to guarantee the security of your premises and prevent your pet from escaping.
  • Varied pet door styles and sizes for sliding doors.

Replacement services for dog doors


Is your old dog door causing you a nuisance? It can be troublesome if other animals, or worse possums, are using it to enter your premises.

Your old pet door can be upgraded to an electronic version so that only your pet can enter. The electronic dog doors use RFID, magnetic, or infra-red chips so that only your pet can come in and out. The chips are located on the dog door and attached to your dog’s collar which store your dog’s details, sense when your pet approaches and allows them to enter or exit while preventing other animals from entering your premises.

Glass One glaziers have a wide range of dog doors to suit all needs. So, if your dog door is broken or you just need to replace it, contact our team today.

Professional and reliable dog door installers Brisbane & Ipswich

Whether you are relocating to a new property, adopting a new dog, or just need a dog door we would be happy to help you. Our glaziers can offer a customised solution to provide secure and easy access for your dog. Contact our glaziers on 0436 452 771, or fill in our online booking form and one of our friendly staff will get back to you very soon.


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